This is the Ramble’s third year and we continue to grow.

Deadline to register: November 10, 2019 at midnight.

 New this year:

  • Later date [June 6 + 7]

  • Shorter hours for Sunday: 10-5 on Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday

  • Promotion of different loops [e.g. by town, family-friendly, bikable, etc,]

  • Revised registration and confirmation process

All registration payments are contributions that cannot be refunded.

Do not register without a confirmed location.

  • Experience proves that multiple artists draw more visitors to sites — we encourage you to partner up, and we offer a Google doc to help you find partners and/or potential sites.

  • It is your job to follow up on any possibilities. We simply offer the sheet as a resource. Page one is for artists in need of space. Page two is for listing possible sites. Again, do not register without a confirmed site.

  • Click here for the link >>>

Please use your blurb to draw visitors – include something about what you’ll be doing and showing. And remember: 100-word limit! 

You should select your image with an eye to drawing visitors, too.

Your image and blurb may determine whether visitors stop at your site… 

You must stay open for visitors during the Ramble hours.

We will again provide a brochure, website support, signage, press releases, and a social media campaign.